Short and sweet. These 30 minute sessions are ideal for families with small children and headshot sessions.



The perfect amount of time for customized portrait sessions, maternity, journalistic newborn, bridals and engagements.



Minimum of six hours with one photographer. Add-on options include second photographer, travel, additional hours and package specials.

Starting at $3200


Movie screenings, outdoor events, award ceremonies and more. As well as small weddings that are less than six hours.

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I only need a few images, do you have another option?

My Mini Collection is the ideal package for you. The cost covers the time and 10 digital images is the least amount of photos I want you to walk away with! Trust me, I've never had a client who couldn't pick at least 10 images from their session.

Are you located in Midland or Houston, Texas?

I'm officially back in Houston, Texas! I will occasionally fly back to Midland to photograph clients but the majority of my sessions take place in Houston and surrounding areas.

Will there be a second shooter during weddings and events?

If you are wanting more angles covered during your wedding or event or need the photographer to be in two places at once, I can definitely offer an add-on for a second photographer! I have several trusted and professional photographers in my network.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

For weddings and events, I try to plan for extra time after the event in case the client needs me for extra time. Please keep in mind that payment for extended time is due before I leave the event. This is outlined in my contract so you'll be prepared for that option as well!

What kind of gear do you use?

I've been using Canon gear for the last 12 years (this question is making me feel old!).

Do I have to order prints through you?

No. While I highly recommend the ease and quality of ordering images via my printing lab, I do not believe you have to order your prints directly from me to enjoy your works of art.

Can I use multiple locations for my session?

Yes! If you're wanting multiple locations for your session, I recommend the Complete Collection. As long as locations are near each other, there is no additional travel fee. We will discuss ahead of time so there are no surprise fees!

My family is coming to visit and I want to schedule a session with multiple families, can I do that?

Yes! I recommend my Complete Collection for multiple family sessions. This allows time for me to take one large group photo and then break the family units into individual sessions. I also take solo shots of kiddos and such so you have a variety of combinations to chose from. I can also work with families wanting to split the payment. Please keep in mind this is for extended family members (grandma, grandpa, siblings and their families, etc. - not for multiple families of friends).

I'm confused. I've read mini sessions are scheduled on particular dates but you are offering it as an option?

The concept of the mini session can be confusing. I offer a Mini Collection for people who have children that may not be able to sit still for an hour or for those that need a quick headshot. A couple times of year, I advertise for "mini sessions" that are located on a particular date at a particular location. Those scheduled mini sessions are offered at a discounted price and are non-refundable and non-transferable. The discount is available because multiple families are signing up on one day. These "mini sessions" are advertised on my social media platforms.

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